Welcome to our Hair Braiding facility.
Smart-Phone Integrated On-demand hair management and Service provider.

Please take time to read our policies before accepting Service.

Effective Communication is key to our success.Our goal is total Customer satisfaction (Quality built-in the first time).   Returned hair costs twice the cost and time of the first time. Most returns are a direct result of poor communication, failure to verify, validate and address issues from the “Get-Go”.Our braiders are fully vetted and professionally trained in compliance with the State of Texas Cosmetology Commission rules and regulations.  Please help us stay a no-return Shop.

The Customer must:

(1) Fully fill out the Job request sheet.

(2) Disclose all details and particularity of the hair Job verbally and/or with Pictures if any.

(3) Periodically and reasonably from start-to-the end, verify and validate the correctness of the Job being performed. (At least 4 times during the session – Please don’t be shy or feel pushy)

(4) The job is to be adjusted right away in case of a discrepancy.

(5) Failure to follow these procedures to the end, after several hours of hard labor, the customer forfeits all rights to complaint. The full payment is due.

Our Policies:

When a problem occurs, please call our customer service Number and do come-in the shop to discuss the issue. Please, do not take down the hair on your own thus destroying all evidence.Courtesy is required. Foul languages, verbal and physical threats, abuse and/or assault can have legal consequences.

No refund. No free Service. No credit.  All Payments are due up-front before the Job is performed.

Minors must always be under the supervision of the parents while in the Shop. 

We assume no responsibility for any hair design defect or damage that occurred outside our premises. We reserve the right not to retouch any damaged Hair Job once the customer leaves our Shop and we deem the issue caused by negligence. When authorized, Hair Jobs are retouched in the same style Design. Any desire to change style is considered a brand-new request.   

All prices are estimated until all needs are disclosed and accounted for on the receipt.

We accept cash and all major credit and Bank cards, except AMERICAN EXPRESS. (3% Card processing fees apply).

All tips are welcome.

Braids–N–Weaves reserves the right TO REFUSE Service without providing a reason if we deem such proceeding unsafe or not worthy of merit.

Signature is required on the request form at the shop.